Kuaiyong: Allow you to install paid apps for free without jailbreaking! – God bless the Asians.


Disclaimer: As usual, this should only be used for trying applications before determining whether or not that you should buy them.

With the closure of Hackulous and the magical disappearance of Zeusmos, where will people go for cracked apps? While many app databases, such as IDWANEO and AppCake, still exist, one then wonders how you should go about installing the apps without a jailbreak, and without having to deal with certificates and/or provisioning profiles.

A new method, courtesy of Chinese website http://kuaiyong.com/, takes things a step further by allowing you to install such applications without a jailbreak, and without having to do anything special. It’s 100% free, and it 100% works (for now, unless Apple somehow figures out how to close this). Quite honestly, it’s a bit scary to see how far iOS app piracy has come. Read on for the tutorial.

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(Test Post) IPod Touch 5th gen 64GB

Ipod Touch 5th gen

Hey guys,

I just bought a IPod Touch 5th gen. I really wanted that bigger screen. Honestly I was thinking to buy a IPhone 5. But an IPod was way more cheaper then a IPhone. Before we begin with the review, I need to say: The new IPod Touch is  very surprising light, probably the most lightest iPod ever.

Specs IPod Touch 5g

The new IPod is significantly fast. With his A5 chip equiped the IPod Touch 5th gen is 1.75 quicker than the IPod Touch 4th gen. The screen is bigger then the older version of IPod Touch. I was able to play Infinity Bade II without laggs. I played on my IPhone 4 before, there I had lag, with the new IPod Touch I didn’t have any lag.

Oke, guys! This is a test post. Just wanted to see what I will look. Feel free to comment on this.