The eternal video console discussion :Xbox 360 versus Playstation 3

For those who love playing videogames, it’s a discussion that has been going on since Playstation 2 and the regular Xbox. Since we entered the 7th generation of videogame consoles the situation escalated.


What console rules the 7th generation because it’s the best? There are three consoles that are the main consoles : Nintendo Wii, Sony PS3 and Microsoft Xbox 360.

Nintendo Wii is without a doubt the most successful. Since the release date sales have been out of the roof and increased year after year.

But we ,who call ourselves hardcore gamers, don’t like the Nintendo Wii. We agree that it is a console which delivers a certain level of fun while playing games with the family or again another Mario game just because of nostalgia.  But there is not satisfaction from being on a 10-kill streak like in Call of Duty, no fun while tearing a Locust in half with a chainsaw in Gears of War or seeing Kratos pulling the dead from a God in God of War.

With other words: the Wii might be successful but it’s a kids toy.

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