Kuaiyong: Allow you to install paid apps for free without jailbreaking! – God bless the Asians.


Disclaimer: As usual, this should only be used for trying applications before determining whether or not that you should buy them.

With the closure of Hackulous and the magical disappearance of Zeusmos, where will people go for cracked apps? While many app databases, such as IDWANEO and AppCake, still exist, one then wonders how you should go about installing the apps without a jailbreak, and without having to deal with certificates and/or provisioning profiles.

A new method, courtesy of Chinese website http://kuaiyong.com/, takes things a step further by allowing you to install such applications without a jailbreak, and without having to do anything special. It’s 100% free, and it 100% works (for now, unless Apple somehow figures out how to close this). Quite honestly, it’s a bit scary to see how far iOS app piracy has come. Read on for the tutorial.

There is a catch, however. You need to download and install software onto your computer, of which is Windows only at this time. NOTHING MALICIOUS IS INSTALLED ONTO YOUR COMPUTER. If you’re on a Mac, you can still run the software through Windows via Boot Camp/EFI as well as in a virtual machine.

The way it all works is extremely simple:

  1. Download the software
  2. Install the software
  3. Run the software
  4. Plug in your device
  5. Download the apps
  6. Install the apps

NOTE:You need to plug in your IDevice first and then open the program. You can not shync the apps form Kuaiyong to Itunes. You can only connect one IDevice while this program is running (I tested it and it will give you a errror). IF YOU LIKE THE APP, BUY IT !!!

The entire program is in Chinese, so it might not be easy to some. However, with some experimentation (aka clicking on things =.=), I figured out how.Kuaiyong interface Here’s what the main interface looks like. You’re presented with some of their more popular applications. Above all of this is a search box, which is pretty self-explanatory.
If you were to look for Angry Birds Star Wars, this is what the results screen would look like.

Kuaiyong search

After you’ve selected an application, you’ll be presented with its information, which includes a description, other information, and some screenshots.

The download button is the red button that you see below the app’s icon. Clicking on this will immediately begin the download. ( Mine is grey, because I already downloaded it )

Kuaiyong angry brids

You can view your donwloads by clicking on the tab right next to the Kuaiyong’s logo. While the language of this screen isn’t English, it should be pretty easy to understand what’s going on.

The actual speeds of downloads vary quite a bit, and aren’t by any means fast, however they can be resumed whenever you’d like.

When a download has finished, the red pause icon will switch to a grey button. Clicking on this button will immediately begin the installation to whatever device that is currently plugged into your computer. While the app is installing, you’ll see the status in the form of a live-updating percentage.

Kuaiyong download

When the installation is done, the app that you’ve installed will instantly show up on your device.


So, that’s how you get free paid apps without jailbreak your device.

Download the program: http://www.kuaiyong.com/product2/KYSetup_2010.exe


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